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Divorce Solutions is the place to call to get a N.Y.S. divorce.  
Uncontested Divorce with Minor Children
You can get an uncontested divorce with minor children within the guidelines required by New York State. This covers child support, education, custody, and visitation.
Uncontested Divorce without Minor Children
When there are no minor children involved, including of age, emancipated, or children on their own, this also allows you to file for an uncontested divorce or no fault divorce. 
Separation Agreements
A separation agreement allows you and your spouse to live apart without dissolving the marriage as long as both parties are in agreement. This is an ideal option if there is a chance of reconciliation, you need to stay married for health insurance reasons, or you want to divide all assets and liabilites between both parties. 
Meeting - Divorce Options in Spencerport, NY
If both parties are not in agreement, mediation can help you come to an agreement and file for an uncontested divorce. This saves you and your spouse the time and expense of hiring attorneys. Why take years when mediation can help both of you come to a mutual agreement?
No Fault Divorce
Normally, there must be grounds for divorce, but a no-fault divorce creates a "no bad" scenario for either party. With this option, you avoid the acrimony that comes with finger pointing and blaming found in many divorce cases.

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